zoology assignments  echinoderms | ch. 28

Jan 22/23
  • Video: Echinoderms
  • Catalina Paperwork
Jan. 24
  • New Biology packets
  • Lecture: Echinoderm Diversity

Jan. 27
  • Start 28-4 Follow-along Notes
  • Lecture: Echinoderm Anatomy
  • Video

Jan. 28
  • Stamp Follow along notes
  • Sea Star Structure Coloring & questions...stamp at end of period.

Jan. 29/30
  • Sea Star Dissection

  • Stamp Section Review 28-4
  • Quiz:  Echinoderms
Feb. 3
  • Fill out animal summary sheet through Echinoderms
Feb. 4/5
  • Review
  • Make 3x5 card for practical

Feb. 6
  • Lab Practical Exam...there will be stations throughout the classroom with dissected specimens of the different invertebrates we have studied in the labs this semester. You will be asked to answer questions based on the specimens. You are allowed one 3x5 card [both sides] of notes for the practical...must be all your own writing (no photocopy, computer, etc) Lab Practical Studyguide
Feb. 7
  • TBA