ap biology assignments  metabolism and digestive system | ch. 6  

  • Ch. 6 Notes: Metabolism
  • Finish Enzymes
  • TBA
  • Discuss background info for Enzyme Lab
Nov. 1
  • Discuss Enzyme Lab
  • Do the write-up ... Make sure that your graph is completely labeled.
  • Enzyme Supplement
Nov. 4
  • TBA
Nov. 5
  • Test: Ch. 6
  • Collect Enzyme lab

  • Digestive Enzymes in Ch. 33 ...this will help you understand enzyme function in your own body, but you don't have to memorize the names of the enzymes.
    • glance at the vitamins and minerals...
    • ...we will trace the path of food through the digestive system and what enzymes act on the different foods (i.e. starches, sugars, fats, proteins).
    • Digestive Enzymes ...