zoology assignments  cordates | fish  | ch. 30

Feb. 11
  • Video:  "Shape of Life: Chordates"
  • Quiz: Catalina Fish
  • Research animals for your report
  • Sign up for your animal and presentation date
  • Presentations will be given each Friday starting in March...students will sign up for a date to present.  Presentation is due on your day to present...
  • Get Vertebrate Report Assignment 
  • Instruction for wikispaces
Feb. 21
  • Computer Lab
Feb. 24-26
  • Catalina Island Marine Institute (Packing List)
  • Work on Vertebrate Presentation
Feb. 27- March 6
  • Computer Lab
Mar. 10
  • Fish ID Lab
Mar. 11
  • Fish ID Lab
Mar. 12/13
  • Fish ID Lab
Mar. 14
  • TBA

 ***Please clear up any questions/problems well before your presentation due date...don't wait until the last minute and expect sympathy. I am available for help outside of class by appointment.